Block Producer Candidacy

We are EOS block producer candidates, and believe that we're uniquely suited to be elected.


Block producers

We will initially run block producers in both Amazon and Google clouds, with planned support for more. Our initial buildout will feature technology that enables block producer failover between different clouds. This ensures that cloud computing providers are never single points of failure. The system will build upon the state of the art in cloud infrastructure, using technologies such as Kubernetes and Etcd.


Our mission is to advance the EOS open-source ecosystem, and we plan on open-sourcing all of our projects, starting with our block producer failover system. Using our technology, the EOS network will be able to run with unmatched reliability.


We will sponsor developers to develop tools for EOS using the block reward revenue. These sponsorships will initially be towards developers working on open-source Active EOS projects. However, we will eventually extend this to developers working on the EOS ecosystem at-large. We plan on having an open application process for finding developers in need of sponsorship.


We run the Meetup group LA Decentralized Web, which gathers developers to discuss technical aspects of decentralized technologies. We plan on sponsoring EOS and decentralized web-themed events through it.

Announcement Blog Post

Our blog post announcing our EOS block producer candidacy can be read on Steemit here.

Dividend Policy

We operate as a self-funded company and will not provide unaffiliated voters with dividends.